We, the Sagacious is committed for producing “High Quality Garments” for its valuable customers with the completed collaboration through ensuring the Hygienic Environment of the health and welfare for the labors / workers, and its employees. We always abide by the following obligations:

a). To fulfill the legal requirements of the conducts with our business  partners / customers in the World, We are committed for improving  our working conditions for our workers/labors through ensuring labor practices for  meeting or exceeding the ETI’s Base Code and Principles.

b). We always obey the health and safety laws of our country for the labors/workers, when manufacturing products, and fulfill the other relevant national standards. To ensure that the standard working hours comply with the national laws and national benchmark industry standards, whichever affords greater protection to the employees / workers.

c). We shall never engage any child labor/any child worker/any young employee who shall be employed under the 18 Years as minimum age established by local law or the age, at which compulsory schooling ends in the country, whichever is the greater.

d). Our HR department, production department and other office management Team are always responsible for ensuring that the workers/labors are aware of the policy and its application, and for creating an Hygienic and safety environment in which staffs / workers/labors are able to express concerns freely and without fear / scared of reprisal.

e). Our Board of Directors are very much aware of this labor policy and acknowledge always this responsible for this policy and procedure ensuring that all concerns raised are dealt with fairly, thoroughly and in accordance with the policy. Always adherence the nine guiding principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

f). We have an established relationship with our workers / labors, through and where we can monitor our manufacturing quality and working in hygienic environment for the health and safety.  We always ensure the working conditions through the best practice available locally for the health, safety and welfare for workers / labors.